Quality Live Edge Designs

Based out of Arnprior, Ontario, we use wood from right here in the Ottawa valley, to create breathtaking original live-edge pieces. We have a variety of one-of-a-kind designs available for sale, but our passion is in designing and creating custom pieces for our clients. We love bringing your vision to life!

Visit our Gallery to see some of our completed pieces, and check out our Blog to see what we are working on now.

What is “live edge”?

Live edge wood is wood that is cut in horizontal slabs from a tree. It keeps the natural shape of the outer edge (the bark edge) of the tree, rather than a straight line like milled lumber.

What we do

Using locally-sourced wood, our focus is on creating unique and modern pieces that will add a natural warmth to any home!

Our story

With years of experience in woodworking and a passion for design, Kent Deschamps loves to find new and creative ways to create pieces that highlight the natural beauty of wood. Read more…


Do you have an idea for a custom piece that you would like to have made? Click the link above to request a quote. Please provide us with as much information as you can about your vision – we want to make sure we get it just right. Some of the information that we need to have, in order to provide an accurate quote is:

  • The type of wood (if you aren’t sure, that is okay. We would be happy to show you some samples)
  • The size of the piece (length, width, depth/thickness)
  • The type of finish (natural, stained, oiled, etc.)
  • Hardware  (for example: for tables the leg style and finish)
  • Any additional materials you would like incorporated (epoxy with or without colour, glass with or without colour, etc.)

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